Ecoxotic’s EcoPico Spied on Video Courtesy of ADG


The guys at Aquarium Design Group, abbreviated ADG, have released a video of the sleek and stylish EcoPico aquarium from Ecoxotic. ADG is internationally known for their work with intricate Japanese-inspired freshwater planted aquariums, so its no surprise to see the LED lit desktop aquarium full of driftwood and barbs. The EcoPico may be tiny, measuring 10x10x12 and holding a little over 5 gallons, but it’s hands down the best looking pico aquarium on the market. The appeal of the aquarium is further enhanced by the stylish LED fixture. The light consists of two 12K white and one 460nm actinic blue LEDs that are housed in a sleek looking Nano-Arm LED light fixture that mounts to the back of the aquarium.


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