EcoPico Desktop Aquarium from Ecoxotic


Ecoxotic EcoPico Aquarium

Ecoxotic, an innovative LED aquarium lighting producer, is coming out with a new pico aquarium. Called the EcoPic, this 10x10x12 aquarium holds a shade over 5 gallons. Illumination is provided by two 12K white and one 460nm actinic blue LEDs that are housed in a sleek looking Nano-Arm LED light fixture that mounts to the back of the aquarium. A filter and pump also come with this aquarium, but details are still lacking on what they look like or what they will entail. Ecoxotic promises that the filtration system will be discreet, as they are going for a very simple, minimalistic look. The retail on this pico is around $11o, which is quite refreshing given the fact that it’s made entirely out of 6mm glass, is 5-gallons, and very stylish.

Ecoxotic EcoPico Aquarium Setup


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