Sfiligoi’s LINK, a 6-Channel Light Controller


Sfiligoi LINK Light Controller
Sfiligoi, a high end aquarium lighting manufacturer, is releasing a new controller for their light fixtures. This 6-channel controller is designed to both operate and dim Sfiligoi light setups that utilize 0-10v DC or PWM (Pulse-width modulation). These include T5HO, LED, LED+RGB, and even plasma lighting fixtures. When using the Sfiligoi LINK to control LED fixtures with RGB, the color combinations are near limitless. For those of you who are not familiar with RGB LEDs, they are simply a cluster of three LEDs (red, green, and blue) acting as a single light. When red, green, and blue are combined, the resulting light is white, which is often referred to as trichromatic white.

Getting back to the controller, the LINK adds a lot of functionality to Sfiligoi fixtures. Not only does it provide dimming capabilities, but users can also create moon phases, dramatic sunrise and sunset effects, cloudy days, and even lightning flashes. Pricing for the LINK is $400 and unfortunately it is compatible only with Sfiligoi systems.

More features listed below.

LINK Features:

  • 6 Channels of operation(future expansion to allow up to 16 ch)
  • Use of PWM or 0-10v DC signals or both together
  • Dimming of T5, LED, Plasma technologies
  • Control of Blue, White and RGB LEDs
  • Reproduction of color changing sequences
  • Moon phases
  • Sunrise and sunset
  • Cloudy days
  • Flashes
  • Moon phases are realized in 14 steps for moonrise, 14 steps for moonset, 1 step for new moon, for a total of 29 days, as in nature. Thanks to LINK it is possible to realize unique scenarios where the succession of color changes and dynamics, of lights and shadows, emphasizes the shapes, creating true masterpieces in the aquarium.

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