Video of Spear Fishing on Ocean Floor with One Breath


In the video above, courtesy of BBC, an Indonesian spear fisherman dives to a depth of 65 feet and hunts for about three minutes, all on one breath. All he has is a diving mask, a spear gun, and his swimming trunks. When the diver reaches depth, he walks upright on the sea bed and reef, tracking down his prey, which in this case is a very large sailfin tang unfortunately.

This fisherman is a member of a tribe of sea nomads, called Bajau, who spend their entire lives at sea. The Bajau are born, live, and die at sea. To help cope with the pressures of diving, members of this group will often intentionally rupture their ear drums at a very early age. Of course this causes a significant loss in hearing, but it allows them to make a good catch.


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