AquaNerd Askes: What are you buying with your tax return this year?


W-2s are going out and it’s that time of the year. We want everyone to share what they plan on getting this year for their reef. Is it that new VorTech you had in mind? Or is your skimmer on it’s last leg? How about a fancy LED fixture? Maybe in the market for a pair of crosshatch triggers? We want to see your comments on what fun toys or livestock you plan on getting this year.

Trung Tran

Looking to pick up a kalk reactor. I sort of have my sights set on the stirrer type from Avast Marine. Looks snazzy and not as inherently dangerous as the pump type reactor.

Brandon Klaus

Looks like he’s not getting anything except for a bill from the gov’t. Despite that, he’s still setting up a 90-gallon rimless aquarium, so I’m sure he’ll be getting something at least.


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