DFW’s NextWave and Coral Farmers Market Tomorrow


DFWMAS NextWave Coral Farmers Market
The DFW NextWave and Coral Farmers Market officially takes place tomorrow, and I honestly couldn’t be more excited. The event will be held at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, with the doors opening at 8am sharp. Dozens of vendors will be at the event showing off, selling, and even raffling off some of their products. Additionally DFW has paired up NextWave with Steve Tyree and his Coral Farmers Market for the third straight year, so you know the place will be packed full of awesome corals. And if a show full of corals and aquarium equipment isn’t good enough for you, there are several speakers lined up to give presentations. These will be J. Charles Delbeek, James Fatheree, Gerald Heslinga, and Matt Pedersen.

Apparently there are a limited number of tickets still available. So if you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and need your aquarium fix, come on by the event. I will be there, camera in hand, and updated the site as often as possible with all of the goodies we come across.


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