Freezing Weather and Rolling Blackouts Hit Texas


Attention all Texas residents, due to unforeseen effects of the cold weather, rolling blackouts have been implemented statewide. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas put the plan into action yesterday morning after some 50 power plants across the state went down. The estimated drop in the state’s electricity generating capacity fell around 15%, so the plan was to alternately cut and restore power to residents to take the load off still functioning power facilities. Apparently what started it all was frozen water pipes at a pair of coal burning power plants. These two plants went down, causing several others to also fail.

Backup power generators are currently being used to restore power, but any other upsets might lead to more rolling blackouts. The blackouts are only supposed to last 30-45 minutes, but may occur multiple times per day given your location. Just be mindful of these power outages and prepare your aquariums accordingly.


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