Hilarious Take on Great White Sharks…err Great White Sea Monsters


Warning! The following video has some rather interesting and colorful narration. It is a funny clip no doubt, but some of the language isn’t quite suitable for all audiences.

Here’s a very funny take on the “ruthless and mean” Great White Sharks, which I will now refer to as Great White Sea Monsters. The footage is taken from old National Geographic clips, but a slight twist has been added. Someone named Randall has included some very interesting narration to the footage, which actually has some fact laced if you can stop laughing long enough to actually catch. Randall’s overreactions and flamboyant outbursts at different portions of the video certainly entertain, as are his scientific inaccuracies. I hate to break it to you Randall, but “Jaws” wasn’t a documentary and humans aren’t the shark analog to vegetables. On a side note, it’s quite difficult to convey sarcasm in writing.

This video is only one of many, which may be an unfortunate thing if you couldn’t stand the clip above. It was borderline I know, but there’s an even funnier clip on honey badgers that I recommend you check out.


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