The New Pacific Sun Metis LED Fixtures


Pacific Sun Metis LED Fixture

A little more than a month ago we introduced the new Black Python EXcon LED fixture from Pacific Sun. Well it seems that Pacific Sun wasn’t done rolling out the new products, so now we bring you this…the Metis LED fixtures. The Metis comes in two flavors, one for freshwater and one for salt. The salty variety, where I will focus obviously, comes with four types of LED chips. It features Neutral White XP-G 5W, Cool White XP-G 5W, Royal Blue XP-E 3W, Blue XP-E 3W. The freshwater version differs in that it focus more on the warmer side of the spectrum.

The Metis lamps are available in three different sizes, including 2x100W, 3x100W, 4x100W units. But the best feature of these lights is the on-board computer. Sure it can control the intensity and color being emitted from the LEDs, but what’s really neat is that it can communicate with your PC, wirelessly! With the use of a built-in BT module, the Metis can send and receive information from your computer.


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