Ban on the Aquarium Trade Fails to Pass Hawaiian Legislation


Male Hawaiian Flame Wrasse

A little over a month ago, we broke news about Hawaii Senate Bill HB580, which called for the a ban on the collection and selling of Hawaiian fish for aquarium purposes. The bill had a lot of support from people like Robert Wintner and organizations like, but thankfully that’s where the support stopped. Instead of banning the aquarium industry from operating, Hawaiian lawmakers voted to establish two new marine life conservation sites on Maui. Each of the conservation sites will extend three miles or less from the shoreline into state marine waters.

To read the bill in its entirety, please visit: SB580 SD2. A description from the bill is also provided below.

Establishes two new marine life conservation districts on the island of Maui. Requires the department of land and natural resources to report to the legislature every five years, beginning with the regular session of 2013, on the effectiveness of the conservation district designations under this Act. Requires community involvement in the report. Effective 7/1/2050. (SD2)


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