Seachem aquavitro salinity Salt Review


Seachem aquavitro salinity

We recently got the opportunity to use Seachem aquavitro salinity aquarium salt, and initial impressions are extremely good. For the initial test, a batch of approximately 35gallons was made and used to perform a large water change on our frag system. Prior to trying out salinity, Oceanic was the salt of choice.  We didn’t use Oceanic because we loved it, but it’s just so abundant in the local market and it was relatively inexpensive that we frequented that brand. While we weren’t disappointed in Oceanic’s salt, it wasn’t impressive either, hence the exploratory change.

Of all of the salt brands we’ve used in the past, including all of the typical brands that most hobbyists encounter (Oceanic, Red Sea Coral Pro, Instant Ocean, Reef Crystals, and so on), I have to say that salinity by aquavitro is certainly one of the top performers. The salt mixed very clear and left zero residue in the mixing container. We also noticed that such little salt was needed to bring the 35gallons of saltwater to a specific gravity of 1.026 (or ~35ppt). After performing the water change, the tank was noticeably clearer than before. Even though this was the first water change with salinity, the results are immediate.

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The downside to the aquavitro salinity is two-fold. For one, it’s not at every fish store, so it’s not widely available to everyone. The other downfall is price. At $100 per bucket (give or take), this salt is a bit out of the range most hobbyists are comfortable with. Most hobbyists will stay with the more inexpensive brands, ignoring performance entirely and basing their decision strictly on price.

Seachem aquavitro salinity Contents


  • Mixes very clear
  • Leaves no residue in the mixing container
  • Aquarium water was crystal clear after water change
  • Skimmer didn’t overreact to the water change
  • Very little salt needed to reach desired salinity/specific gravity


  • Price, at $100 per bucket (give or take depending on the store)


Based on initial impressions, I certainly recommend using aquavitro salinity, provided you don’t mind dropping a full bill on bucket.


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  • gh0st

    I'm into my second bucket and loving this salt. Well worth the price considering how much less testing and additives I have to use to get the salt mix to parameters I like.

    • Scott Curtis

      gh0st, couldn’t agree with you more! My LFS has it for about $85… I’m kind of anal about my water, and he knows it. He recommended it, and I love this stuff. 

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  • H35515

    please how can i order this salt ?

    im living in united arab emirates , please can anyone help me ?         

    • Bigdoug

      Move out of that dump, cameljockey!!!

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  • Dana Patterson

    Has anyone else noticed the ‘stink’ this salt mix puts off? I haven’t had any trouble with it but it def smells like rotten water when mixed.