The New Aquarium Specialty Has Finally Gone Live


New Aquarium Specialty Site

In early February we broke news that Aquarium Specialty, an online aquarium equipment retailer frequented by a countless number of aquarium hobbyists, was getting a site revamp. At the time, we were told the release of the new site was imminent, but a few bumps in the road and the desire for a perfect finished product prevented the new site from going live as scheduled. But after an additional month of waiting, the new Aquarium Specialty is finally online. Along with all of the aesthetic differences and a ton of new products being added to the site, several new features have been incorporated. Some of these new features include customer product reviews, “tell a friend”, price alerts, better search windows, compare products, videos of products, “how to” videos, and even a wish list. There are even more new features in the pipeline for later release, but those are still being worked on at the moment.


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