A Beautiful LED Lit Reef in HD Macro


Here’s a clip of a gorgeous LED illuminated rimless aquarium from Chinese hobbyist Acrotrdco. This tank sits on the 21st floor of a residential skyscraper, so you know the space is tight. But this tank goes to show that a gorgeous setup doesn’t have to be massive. Instead, the tank takes up so little space, sitting on a window ledge with the sump behind it and some of the additional equipment on either side. The tank has a footprint of 40″L x 16″W, and even though it’s only 65-gallons in volume, it’s loaded down with quite a bit of equipment and some stunning livestock. The equipment list includes a Bubble Magus protein skimmers and dosing system, a pair of Maxspect G2-160w LED fixtures, two VorTech MP10w ES, and even a NP BioPellet reactor.

To help hide some of the equipment, a special stand was made to sit under the tank. The stand is not a traditional stand, as it is thin at the base. In fact, it measures only 3-4″ wide and is designed to support the first few inches of the tank since the window ledge isn’t quite big enough for both the aquarium and the equipment behind it. And I have to say that the stand is quite stylish, as it has a glossy white finish and cleverly hides the controllers for the VorTech pumps.

For more info on the tank and to see it’s build thread, please visit the link we posted above.


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