Help ORA Name Their Latest Coral


ORA Hollywood Stunner Echinopora Chalice

ORA is in a bit of a dilmena. They’ve got this beautiful new aquacultured chalice and they don’t know what to call it. The coral looks a lot like the Hollywood Stunner chalice that’s been available to hobbyists for a while now, but the aquaculture gurus don’t want to ruffle any feathers and call a coral something that it truly isn’t. Even though their chalice is almost identical to the original Stunner, and is even the same species (Echinopora lamellosa), the two corals don’t share the same lineage. The ORA specimen came from Julian Sprung, who got it from either a coral farm or aquarium store in Germany. The original Hollywood Stunner apparently came into the hobby at a different time and through a different route, meaning it’s not the exact same as the one ORA has in their possession. Even though the two look identical, their growth rates may be different and larger colonies may not grow in the same.

Here’s where you, the avid marine aquarium hobbyist steps in. ORA is seeking your help in naming the beautiful chalice. Simply go over to their Facebook Poll and select your favorite. The poll ends May 1st at 8pm EST, so get your vote in.


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