Sharks Invade Australian Golf Course


Watch out Chubs Peterson, there’s a new wildlife hazard at the golf course. The Carbrook Golf Club in Queensland, Australia completely redefines water hazard with their lake residents. Several bull sharks, up to 12, have been confirmed to be living in the lake that borders many of the different holes at the course. Course officials believe that a few sharks washed into the lake during a series of floods in the mid 1990’s, eventually reproducing to grow that number to around a dozen. The presence of the sharks was long thought to be a myth, that is of course until video footage of the sharks was put online.

Course officials are taking full advantage of the sharks’ presence, even hosting a monthly “Shark Lake Challenge”. The sharks obviously make the course unique among every other golf course in the world, and officials do not have any plans to remove them. I can’t say that I blame them, since it is such a cool attraction, but their presence will certainly make you think twice about digging around for that $4 golf ball you just launched into the lake.


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