Troubling Key Chains with Live Animals in China


Fish and Turtle Key Chains

Here’s a very troubling item that is becoming a growing trend in China. They’re key chains with live animals in them. That’s right, living animals are being placed in to airtight key chains and sold to an increasing number of people. The animals include small fish and even turtles! According to the vendors, each key chain pouch is full of “nutrient rich water” that the animal can survive on for at least a month or more. Each pouch comes with 2 kingfish or a small Brazilian turtle. Another unfortunate aspect to this story is the fact that China has virtually no animal cruelty laws, so these trinkets are a completely legal. And most residents aren’t offended by the trinkets, as they feel it brings good luck.

According to Chinese media key chains with live animal attached in an airtight plastic pouch is becoming the latest trend and is already a hot selling item in China. The product is called Trinkets and features a live fish or a turtle which is sealed inside a plastic airtight pack filled with coloured water.


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  • Eugene Ong

    sad sad sad.

  • CaminDFW

    That is beyond *ucked up!! I can understand if you eat a turtle but damn.. I mean really man?? Really? Turtles were what got me into aquatic husbandry…

  • andy13

    Someone should put an Asian in an airtight plastic container with "nutrient rich" water and see how they enjoy their month.

  • cruel!

  • burnleymasher

    absolutely disgusting, in a supposed to be civilised country, to say I’m appalled is an understatement