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Walt Smith International, LTD

Walt Smith, a pioneer in the aquarium industry best known for his work in Fiji and his role in coral aquaculture, has announced that his company Walt Smith International, LTD. is seeking to hire an aquaculture manager for their facility in Fiji. The assignment is two years long, and of course you’ll have to relocate to Fiji, but your home and vehicle will be provided. To qualify for the position, Walt Smith is merely asking that you have a working knowledge of corals, are willing to work commercially, and have both diving and coral aquaculture experience. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like he just listed almost every hobbyists in the country.

The current Aquaculture Manager is leaving Walt Smith International, LTD due to his children getting older and related family obligations, and this is something you should also consider before applying. Like I mentioned before, the contract is for two years, which translates to you relocating your immediate family to a gorgeous tropical island for a couple years, if not longer.

The official announcement from Walt Smith can be read below.

Dear members,

I have an opportunity for a livestock and coral farm manager to work and live in Fiji. I have recently been notified that my aquaculture manager in Fiji wishes to return to the USA as their children are getting older and need more schooling. I will need to replace him soon and was hoping someone in the in the hobby might like to apply for this position. The applicant must have a pretty thorough knowledge of various coral species (especially Acropora) and be willing to work for a commercial enterprise. You must also be a qualified diver with some experience growing coral.

As you might know I have pioneered coral farming on a commercial scale since 1998 and introduced man made cultured live rock a year later. House (with pool and view) and vehicle are provided along with all that Fiji has to offer.

This position would require full time work load and the commitment to live in Fiji for at least two years under contract.
My personal contact would be best to use walt@waltsmith.com

If you are interested in this position please email me your background of experience any other information you feel would be appropriate.

Thank you,
Walt Smith


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