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Reef Junkies

I’m very happy to announce a new sponsor on the AquaNerd Blog. Reef Junkies is a fairly new aquarium community that doesn’t only consist of an online forum like most typical aquarium sites. It also features a very cool fish compatibility tool, an online aquarium journal, multiple aquarium related calculators, a saltwater glossary, a suggested water parameter chart, and so much more. Reef Junkies is basically a one-stop information stop for new aquarium hobbyists. For the more seasoned hobbyist, Reef Junkies offers a nice Coral Growers section which is dedicated to showcasing corals that members have to sell. The site also offers a plethora of photo galleries, a digital library, an online chat room, and finally a Q&A page. There are just a ton of features on Reef Junkies and we’ll be spending the next several days really exploring them.


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