ADG Shows of Unique Amazon Biotope


The freshwater world is determined to get me hooked, and the crew at Aquarium Design Group certainly aren’t helping any. They recently released video footage of a very unique and massive Amazon biotope they have been working on. The tank is like none I’ve seen before. Instead of stacking wood and/or rocks in the sand, they have suspended the pieces from the top of the aquarium, creating a dense root-like system in which the discus can swim and hide. The aquarium is dimly lit to mimic the darker waters of the Amazon, but doesn’t have the traditional stained water that many freshwater hobbyists still use when trying to recreate the habitat. More videos of this Amazon biotope will be released at a later time, and it’s a tank I can’t wait to see more of.

For those of you who are strictly salty enthusiasts like myself, this aquarium obviously goes to prove a point. And that point being freshwater tanks can be just as unique, if not more unique and more beautiful than any reef aquarium. I’ve always been inspired by the minimalist styles of the iwagumi tanks (which the tank above obviously is not), and I’m sure those freshwater gems have caused many reef hobbyists to also take a very minimalist approach, at least when it comes to aquascaping. Though, after seeing the work from ADG, an Amazon inspired aquarium does seem very appealing.


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