The $10000 Bladefin Basslet Seen on Video from Blue Harbor


After seeing all of the amazing video footage of the extremely rare fish hauled in by Blue Harbor, I think I want to move to Japan. This weekend, we showed off footage of the stunning Candy Striped Cave Basslet, a gorgeous Japanese endemic that Blue Harbor got their hands on. Well, it seems the rare fish collectors weren’t even close to being done. They have an extremely colorful and unique bladefin basslet (Jeboehlkia gladifer), a species of fish that was recently sold for roughly $10,000 by Arizona-based AquaTouch. I’m not 100% sure how AquaTouch or Blue Harbor got their bladefin basslets, but what we do know is that these fish come from extremely deep waters near Curaco in the Caribbean. The AquaTouch bladefin was reportedly taken at a depth of 150m, while the Blue Harbor specimen was caught at 250m. Both specimen were said to be caught with the help of a submersible, which certainly adds a great deal to the costs of collecting such a beautiful fish.

As I mentioned earlier in the post, this is just one of many extremely rare fish that Blue Harbor has shown off on video. We’ve now shared footage of two of these beauties, and have a few more to go. So keep an eye out for those videos in future articles. Until then, enjoy a second video of the gorgeous bladefin basslet (seen below, after the page break).


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