Ecoxotic Stunner Strips Available in More Colors and Sizes


Ecoxotic Stunner Strip Colors

Ecoxotic announced earlier today that their popular Stunner Strips will be available in five new colors. The new coral color popping LED colors will include Magenta, Magenta with 12K White, 445nm Royal Blue, 445nm Royal Blue with 12K White, and Magenta with 453nm Royal Blue. This addition of these new colors brings the total nUumber of colors available for the Stunner Strips to nine, which really allows for a customization of the look of you aquarium. On top of the new colors, Ecoxotic is responding to the popularity and expandability of their strips with the release of a new power supply that can power more strips at one time. The new power supply is a 24v 60watt transformer that will feed up to 10 LED packed Stunner Strips.

The last little tid bit of info we wanted to share is the Stunner Strips will be coming in longer lengths. Ecoxotic hasn’t said much about these longer strips, but what we do know is they will come in 24″, 36″, and 48″ lengths. They will also be available in all 9 of the colors that the 12.5″ Stunners already come in. And best of yet, we’ll be getting our hands on some of the longer strips in the very near future according to Ecoxotic. We’ll put the strips through the standard array of tests and report back our findings after we’ve gotten a chance to evaluate them over our coral holding tank. Until then, enjoy the video of the Stunner Strips (seen after the page break).


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