Ecoxotic’s Longer Stunner Strips Seen on Video


As we mentioned earlier this month, Ecoxotic has recently released a new set of longer Stunner Strips. These new strips will come in 24″, 36″, and 48″ lengths and will feature all of the classic and recently released color combinations. The 24″ 36″ and 48″ strips will consume 12, 18, and 24watts respectively, and the starting price is right at $100 withs a $20 price difference between each model. The foot long Stunner Strip reflectors will fit these new longer strips as well, but obviously you’ll need to purchase more per strip to cover the full length.

We were sent a couple of these new Stunner Strips in the 36″ length for a product review, but until the review is completed, enjoy the video of the new strips above. The video shows all of the new colors of the strips over packed reef aquariums and freshwater displays. Installation options, reflectors, and power splitters to link multiple units are all also shown. Stay tuned for our official product review of the strips, as we will be releasing photos, along with PAR readings and videos of them in action.


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