Marine Aquarium Expo Coming to Seattle in July


SEA MAX Marine Aquarium Expo 2011

Even though the Marine Aquarium Expo was held roughly three months ago in California, the event organizers are packing up and heading north to Seattle in July for yet another show. Dubbed “SEA-MAX”, the marine aquarium consumer show will debut at the Seattle Center on July 23-24. Admission is $25 for adults, $20 for seniors and military, and free for children under 12. The speaker list will include James Fatheree, Bob Fenner, and fellow Texas resident and friend of AquaNerd Mark Callahan of Mr. Saltwater Tank to just name a few. A bevy of coral vendors and aquarium equipment exhibitors are already signed up, with more to fill in the gaps as show time draws nearer. There will also be plenty of raffles and giveaways, as is common practice with any aquarium related event these days.

And while you’re roaming the conference, the impatient yet understanding wife can roam the grounds of Seattle Center taking in the sites, and the kiddos can enjoy the 8-foot long touch tank that is designed to introduce them to marine life up close.

For more information, please visit SEA-MAX.


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