The New Maxspect Mazzarra P Series LED Fixtures


Maxspect Mazzarra LED

Maxspect has a new and rather unique module based LED system for reef aquarium use. Dubbed the Mazzarra P Series, this line of lights uses 60watt LED modules that can be linked together in a virtually unlimited number, provided you have the necessary power supplies of course (one power supply can support up to two modules). Each module features a healthy mixture of independently dimmable Cree XM-L, Luxeon Rebel, and Bridelux chips, along with 100, 70, and 40 degree optics. The modules are actively cooled, which means fans will be present.

One of the most unique aspects of the Mazzarra has nothing to do with the light itself, but rather its mounting hardware. The modules mount to a light rail with a ball joint that allows the lamps to be pointed in multiple directions. In addition to the tank mount, the Mazzarra will come with an extra wall mount and floor mount.

Tons of images are located below, along with information on the Mazzarra LED controller.

A wireless LED controller is also available for the Mazzarra, and it can control up to 16 modules at once. Despite its wireless capabilities, the controller has to be plugged into one unit, but only to receive power. Lastly, a pre-programmed weather mode is already incorporated into the controller. We are unsure if the novel but unnecessary LED lightning program is part of this weather mode, but given the fact that other LED modules and controllers are doing this, we do suspect to find it in the Maxspect Mazzarra as well.


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