The Maxspect Mazarra Seen Over Stunning Reef Tank


A short time back, we discussed the Mazarra P Series LED lights from Maxspect. The Mazarra is offered in 60watt modules that can be linked together in almost any amount, allowing hobbyists to cover those large tanks with multiple units or use a couple of modules to cover shorter tanks, which is demonstrated in the video above. B-Box Aquarium, a Japan-based high end aquarium store, shows off their pair of Mazarra P Series modules over what appears to be a three foot long rimless aquarium. The tank is full to the rim with mature Acropora colonies, putting to bed any possible concerns hobbyists have expressed about LEDs not being able to supply high intensity light demanding corals with enough photosynthetic fuel.

Surprisingly, the mounting hardware for the lights doesn’t seem to be too intrusive in the outer aesthetics of the aquarium. Most rimless tank owners want to see as little equipment on the outside of their aquariums as possible, and the Mazarra hardware seems simple and elegant enough that most hobbyist won’t mind the view. This is crucially important for the Mazarra, as the mounting hardware holds a significant amount of the light’s allure given the fact that the modules can be aimed and suspended over the aquarium in a unique way when compared to other LED modules on the market.


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