Another Rusty x Flame Angel Hybrid Surfaces


LiveAquaria Rusty x Flame Angel Hybrid
Last week we shared a group of Rusty x Flame Angel Hybrids that showed up at Ocean Gallery II. It appears now that at least one more has become available, this time in the aquariums of LiveAquaria and under the moniker of False Shepard’s Hybrid Angelfish from Cebu. As with the other hybrids we previously discussed, this fish takes on more traits of the Flame Angel (Centropyge loriculus), but a few hints of the Rusty Angel (C. ferrugata) still show through. The fish is bright orange with vertical black bars, and blue tipped dorsal and anal fins, but all of these features are somewhat muted by the Rusty Angel. The price for this individual is $180 and it is currently just under 2″ long.


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