Giant Squid Caught Alive by Fishermen


Giant Squid Caught by Fishermen

Late last month, a group of fishermen from Florida hauled in a living giant squid that measured 25-feet long. According to testimony, the squid was bobbing up and down in the water when the fishermen came across it. Thinking nobody would believe their fish tale, they hauled the still barely alive beast into their boat and took it to shore. The Florida Museum of Natural History was alerted to the catch, where it has been relocated for preservation and study. The museum may not be able to display the squid to the public, but it will stay in their collection for other cephalopod researchers to examine.

As many of you are aware, the giant squid is definitely a rare find, and this particular case was even more rare because the animal was still alive when the fishermen encountered it. Additionally, the find wasn’t chewed on by other animals, leaving a completely intact animal for scientists to study. Giant squid have been known to reach well over 60-feet in length, leading experts to assume this individual was not fully matured.

The original story can be seen on MSNBC.


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