Local Fish Store Mixes Alcohol and Aquariums


Fish Gallery Showroom

A high end aquarium store in the city of Houston has decided to add a little more social atmosphere to the aquarium trade. Fish Gallery Houston recently announced that on Tuesday evenings from 6pm to close, customers can come in and get a free beer or soda while they shop. On top of the free booze, a 20% discount will be applied to one full-priced item. Obviously the free hooch will be limited to of-age customers, and other kid friendly drinks will also be available. The only issue I even have with this is the fact that it takes place on a Tuesday.

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The reasoning behind mixing booze with aquariums probably has a lot to do with the fact that Fish Gallery is located in downtown Houston, in an area close to both the bar scene and tons of office buildings. When people get off work, they need a place to relax, and most hit up happy hour for cheap drinks and a little elbow rubbing. Fortunately, Fish Gallery is providing a place to get that relaxing drink along with some relaxing scenery.

Similarly, another Houston fish store is actually located inside of a liquor store, though I think it’s a misdemeanor in this state to imbibe alcohol at liquor stores. Instead of being a place to relax and mingle, I guess that store serves more as a “kill two birds with one stone” sort of place. Pick up your corals and alcohol and take the party back to your place. Just don’t get too tipsy that you wind up drinking what’s in the bag and try to acclimate your new bottle of Jose Cuervo to your reef tank.


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  • This store is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend anyone in the Houston area checking it out, alcohol or not. Seriously, this place is more like a public aquarium than a fish store.

  • Jacob Ryantx

    Who wrote this article? It’s definitely NOT illegal to “imbibe alcohol in a liquor store.”
    SPEC’S does alcohol tastings of all kinds all the time.
    And I seriously doubt Fish Gallery is aiming to the “happy hour” crowd as much as they are just trying to broaden their appeal to their clientele. . .

    • I said that I “think it’s a misdemeanor in this state to imbibe alcohol at liquor stores”. I may have been mistaken, but if I recall there are signs at gas stations and liquor stores stating that it is illegal to “consume alcohol on these premises”. Again, my memory may not be serving me well in this instance, but either way it’s a pointless argument. I don’t drink alcohol except on the extreme rare occasion and I know Texas has very strict public intoxication laws.

      And what’s the matter if Fish Gallery is only aiming at broadening their appeal to their current clientele? Times are tough in this country, economically, and stores are having to become more creative to get customers in the door. If Fish Gallery wants to host seminars (another article) and provided free alcohol to their current customers or use those incentives to bring in new customers, what’s the issue either way?

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