“Tanked”, a New TV Show for Aquarium Enthusiasts


Animal Planet Tanked TV Show

Animal Planet recently revealed a new television show focusing strictly on aquariums that they are adding to their lineup. Aptly called “Tanked”, this new show focuses on the business side of the hobby by following Las Vegas-based acrylic aquarium building company Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM). The series will initially consist of six episodes and will premiere on August 19 at 10 p.m. EST. During the short stint on tv, viewers will follow the aquarium building company through some massive and unique aquarium builds, including turning an old milk truck into a full blown saltwater aquarium.

A video preview of the “Tanked” tv show can be seen below.

Judging by the preview above, this new Animal Planet series looks like a cross between Orange County Choppers and aquarium building. The crew at ATM will be challenged with difficult builds, with tensions probably flaring at various points of each episode, with it all coming together at the end to have a happy customer and an awesome new saltwater aquarium. We hope the show puts a positive light on the aquarium industry and won’t make a mockery of it.


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  • Jsenske

    I would hardly call this mess of a show “for enthusiasts”. All they know how to do is a fake coral insert tank. Lame.  

    • Chuck in Reston

      Yep. I watched it for the first time tonight. Totally disappointed. A couple of dweebs who seriously don’t seem to know anything about fish, except that they’re purty. Really don’t go into detail on anything. I think the show is made for people who know squat about keeping fish.

  • Gabbygirl6363

    Would u come and fix my piranha tank??? It needs a make over!! So do my ponds

    • Jonny254

      sure y not u should call me.

  • VC

    This is a hillarious show!  Mind blowing ideas!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE!!!!!!!!

  • reefninja

    where do i start. after the watching only a few min of this show i was shocked to see a blatent disregard for the walfare of the fish. many fish had ich, the fish werent aclimated properly. the biggest blunder was that they did not take the time to break in the tanks and more than likely all the fish will die! these losers are far from experts. btw the payphone tank is terrible. first off the pay phone is in no way safe for the fish to live with, saltwater will break down the paint and corode the metal over time and contaminate the tank. second the filtration system/ flow or lack there of is terrible. there is no surface agitation/ overflow so there will be very little oxygen exchange there for the fish will more than likely die. and lastly that tank was seriosly overstocked. omg cancel this show if you want any credibility animal planet. and if these guys want to stay in bussiness they need to read a book or two on caring for aquatic animals.

    • Clownbob77

      As an aquarium pro, I am appalled that this show is even allowed on AP. Your comments are kinder than what I would say, Reefninja, as I have met guys who do this kind of thing, and it’s all about the cash.

    • Anon

      they proofed that phone, dude.  The fish they buy are quarantined before purchase, and they only purchase sustainable fish.  There is no way you can diagnose ich on TV, stop trying.  I’ve seen nothing but beautiful fish on the show.

      • They only care about money. I’ve had fish for almost forty years and these guys are true money hungrey morons. They have no regard for the fish. By the way it’s called a hospital tank. You put the fish in their for a month. In the main tank you use a u.v sterliizer. This will help eliminate the chances of ich.




      Hey, moron, if that’s the case and you actually are owed that money, take them to court.  Don’t bitch about it on a blog.  fkn moron.

  • Jenny

    some of the people who gave their comments are total dweebs! lol. just enjoy the show, these guys are funny!

  • Summitt72002

    The show claims they care about sustainably harvested tank fish and claim the tangs from Hawaii are sustainably harvested.  This is a lie.  It is estimated that millions of fish have been collected off the reefs of Hawaii and these fish are in great decline.

    Where I once saw schools of 100 yellow tang, I now rarely see even one.  To make matters more horrific, many of the fish die before even getting into an aquarium.
    For the real story, go to:  http://www.forthefishes.org/ and

    • do you really think the tourism industry is all that much better? not only do the fish get affected, but entire ecosystems are ruined from runoff, animals are collected and killed purely for decoration, and so much debris is left on dive sites that it eventually affects animals like sea turtles.

    • Durrr

      dude, its a legal trade.  for $50 bucks you can get a license.  Call your Senator.

  • Vickyorleans

    I like this show so everyone who said snub comments about it need to shut the F*** UP!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think someone should give TANKED a challenge!!!!! I think that they should make a tank for the memorial of September 11, 2001. Put real coral in it with a whole bunch of fish to represent every person that lost their life that day along with all the people that helped save alot of lives. They should put the twin towers in there like how we would want to remember before they got hit. Put blue fish in to represent the police. White fish to represent the medics/nurses the red fish to represent the fireman and random colored fish to represent the everyday people just walking to work. I think that being part of the memorial to 9/11 would be the greatest thing ever to do for the lost ones that haven’t been found as well.

  • Harry stout

    Sure this show is funny, these guys can build nice aquariums, but this show is absolutely disgusting. watching these two clowns exploit  our enviromental friends for money is a sin personally I think they need to outlaw the saltwater aquarium business. I do not support pet shops, circuses or zoos, and I wish more people would realize that animals have feelings too. I thought that the Animal Planet had more style, but putting a show like this is insane.

    • Anon

      animals are tasty.

  • Lakers

    i think those of you that watch tanked see what i see.there is noway you can set up a tank as fast as they do ,and the fish be ok.i have been in fish for about twenty years fresh that is.about a year ago i started up a 50 gallon saltwater tank. in my years time i have lost fish hear in there.i know the stuff those guys do on that show are not true.fish need alot more time and care than they give them, its bullshit sorry.if you dont love fish dont get them to kill them its the same thing as they do.i love my fish more than anything and so should you. i have over four thousand dollars in my tank and it was worth evry penny

    • open eyes

      omg…open your eyes people it’s just like the DIY shows they are not doing it in hours it’s edited and takes months…

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  • Bruce alleman

    make one were u can stand or sit under the tank with your head and chest in side the tank like a old dome clock cover

  • Homey

    I recently visited a casino in southern California where they built a tank. They put 70 fish in. A week later they all died. These guys have no idea what they are doing.

  • HIG

    This show sucks along with those MORONS who are in it. Can you say DUH!!!

  • BigJack

    This show serves its purpose.  How to spend ridiculous amounts of money on a fishtank.  The average enthusiast doesn’t have 30 grand to spend on a custom tank.  Animal Planet should do a show that really helps out the hobbyist with how to maintain your tank, or what to look for as far as dieseases or even how to set up a tank properly.  I agree though that these guys don’t really know alot about fish.  Maybe tanks but not fish!  just my opinion.

  • Cunninghamn91

    i wish i had a tank made uot of a shower so i could shower with the fish or a bathtub that would be cool

  • I love your show!!i dont have money for a beautiful fis tank that you guys make.if you ever want to do a free one i would greatly appericiate!! one.im a oakland raiders fan!!nothing to fancy!!

  • i think your show is cool

  • austin78745

    I like to say thanks for your show I live in Austin Texas and I am disable and I did not want a fish tank tell I saw your show in my bedroom and I just kept wanting one tell I went to Walmart and got a 20 gallons and have fresh water fish now I am trying to get a Fish tank vacuum and I can not fine one can you sale me one I just have a 20 gallon tanks l

  • breanna

    where can i get my florescent fish at?? 🙂

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