Very Unusual Maxima Clam from ReefKoi Corals


Rare Blue and Gold Clam
ReefKoi Corals recently showed off one of their latest acquisitions, which happens to be a very unusual Tridacna maxima clam. The rare clam sports both blue and gold coloration. A clam with blue and gold isn’t exactly rare, but the way that the colors on this clam are distributed over the mantle certainly is. Typically, clams have a more uniform and consistent pattern, but the lobes on this clam’s mantle alternate in color from being completely blue to being completely gold. The retail price on this individual is set at $400, which includes free shipping, and it appears the clam is still available to purchase. Regardless of who picks this gorgeous clam up, it’s unbelievable and extremely rare, and we’d love to see more like this become available to hobbyists.


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