Amazing Two Face Clam Shows Up at ReefKoi


ReefKoi Two Face Maxima Clam
Yesterday morning, ReefKoi Corals showed off this amazing “two face” clam over on their Reef2Reef forum. This Tridacna maxima sports a mantle that seems like it should belong to two different individuals instead of just one. One half of the clam has a deep blue base with touches of gold, while the other an interesting red and white pattern. This isn’t the first time ReefKoi has gotten their hands on a rare and unique clam, as they had another T. maxima with blue and gold that was distributed across the mantle in a very interesting way, but it is the first time we’ve seen a clam with red color in it. The red coloration in this clam alone is a rare enough happening that it should command a high price, couple that with the fact that both halves of the mantle have completely different colors, and you’d expect this individual to be nearly unattainable. However, ReefKoi is selling this wonder of nature for only $250. That’s an insanely low price.


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