Dynamite Comes in Tiny Nano Reef Package


Stunning reef aquariums don’t always have to be massive. Sure, you can cram more rare and beautiful livestock into a larger system, but even the tiniest of aquariums can be showpieces. The rimless reef aquarium above, although very small, just goes to prove my point. The aquarium is an ADA 60-F tank, which has a water volume of approximately 8.5 gallons, and it makes for the perfect kitchen counter top accessory. Despite the tank’s size, the reef is full of life. A single flame angel makes up the short fish list, but the coral list isn’t so short. A sizable torch coral, frogspawn, green Trachyphyllia open brain, red Goniopora, and a Dendro colony can all be seen blowing around in the current, but a few harder corals also adorn the live rock structure. Water flow is provided by a VorTech MP10 and the tank is illuminated by a pair of LED PAR38 20K spotlights from Nanocustoms. To complete the system, a 5-gallon sump and 9-gallon refugium are tucked away in the cabinetry below the aquarium.

The video above is from YouTube user “digitallyblue”, and the tank has to be one of the best laid out nanos that we’ve ever come across.


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