MACNA 2011 Shirts Unveiled


MACNA 2011 Shirts

No aquarium event is complete without its own t-shirt, and the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America is no different. They have recently unveiled their shirts for the 2011 conference, which takes place in just a few weeks in Des Moine, Iowa. The front of the shirt features somewhat realistic renderings of yellow and powder blue tangs, copper banded butterflies, and a handful of corals, while the back of the shirt shows off the rich history of the MACNA event. All 23 years of the conference are displayed on the shirt, each with their respective locations. These shirts will be available to purchase at the event for $20, but their price drops to $15 if you pre-order one with your tickets online. It should also be noted that images on the MACNA 2011 Facebook page show two color choices for the shirt, which are black and grey. The pre-order form on the event’s website doesn’t give purchasers the ability to choose a color, but we assume event-goers will have a choice at the door.

A detailed image of both the front and back can be seen below.

MACNA 2011 Shirt Design


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