More Footage from T&T Fish and Reef


Over the previous weekend, we got to spend a significant amount of time doing some fish store hopping here in the greater Houston area. While we visited several stores in the area, we took a little extra time to video the amazing livestock at that new T&T Fish and Reef. The video, which can be seen above, features two of the large display reef systems at the store, as well as select livestock from other non-display aquariums. The information on the livestock from this video can be read below, along with a few more details about the yellow frogfish seen at the end of the clip.

The first tank in the clip serves as a gorgeous room divider and houses a pair of longnose hawkfish, a massive fighting conch, and several beautiful LPS corals. The second tank is much larger, being in the 300-gallon neighborhood, and features a diverse mixture of shoaling fish and a handful of corals. Unfortunately the glare bouncing of the front glass made viewing the reef a little difficult, so we had to settle with recording our videos from one of its three-foot long sides.
Moving on from the massive deep dimension reef, we saw the typical ORA black and white clowns hanging out in a green bubble tip anemone, along with a porcelain crab which does nothing more than filter food particles from the water while remaining protected in the anemone. Rounding out our latest video is a vibrantly colored yellow frogfish, which is hanging out on the edge of a very large plating Montipora coral and can be seen flicking its lure in an attempt to draw fish in close to its mouth. Of course, this isn’t the only video of the frogfish that we have, as we are working on a close up video highlighting the frogfish’s hunting behavior, which will be released in the next few days.
During the week leading up to our excursion, we scoped the local aquarium forums for any new livestock that was brought in for weekend shoppers, noticing a handful of different things from T&T’s stock list and an anniversary sale at FJW Aquarium. The crew from Precision Marine was scheduled to show up at the anniversary celebration, and T&T teased forum readers with a gorgeous but way too large bandit angel, a vibrantly colored yellow frogfish, and all sorts of Acropora corals to drool over, so we knew from the onset that we’d be in for a treat. We gathered up a few friends, loaded up the cameras, prepared the styrofoam ice chests, and headed into the heart of Houston to see what the fish stores had to offer. We stopped by Fish Gallery first, witnessing the Aiptasia destruction by way of the Aiptasia Zapper, then we stopped off at T&T looking for their bright yellow frogfish, a fish that I have been seriously considering to purchase. Wrapping up our visit there, we trekked north to hang out with the crew from PM at the FJW Aquarium anniversary event, making sure to soak up as much info about their current lineup and anything new they might be working on. All in all, the three stops made for a very long day, but well worth it, especially since we got to spend quality time with like-minded individuals.


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