The New AquaNerd Logo


AquaNerd Logo
After more than two solid years of bringing aquarium related news and product information to saltwater aquarium enthusiasts, we figured the AquaNerd Blog could use a little dressing up. Up until now, we’ve been relying on an image of a rose bubble tip anemone for all of our branding purposes, but we wanted something a bit more refined and potentially more recognizable. So, we commissioned a couple of different graphics designers to come up with the perfect logo. Each came up with their designs, despite poor direction on my part, and we eventually settled on a blend of the two logos.

We would like to thank Keith Hatch of Rock Awesome Media and Jessica Timko of Creative Soup for their contributions to our logo and for sticking with me while I kept changing my mind on how I wanted to logo to look. Additionally, we encourage readers to tell us their opinion of the new logo by commenting below.


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