All Seas Marine Unveils New Cone Skimmer


New Cone Skimmer from ASM

All Seas Marine, or more popularly known by the abbreviated ASM, has been in the aquarium hobby for what seems like an eternity. Despite the longevity, their product line has remain unchanged. In fact, I can’t even remember a single product besides their ASM G line protein skimmers. Fortunately, that all appears to be changing. Today at MACNA, ASM unveiled a brand new cone shaped protein skimmer. The ASM rep wasn’t at the table when we stumbled upon it, but what we do know is that the skimmer features the same style Sedra pumps currently seen on their G protein skimmers. The pump resides in the body of the skimmer, giving the overall assembly a small footprint. We also saw a bubble diffusing plate, a drain hose hooked up to the collection cup, and rubber feet to keep the skimmer quiet. We also noticed that the thin plastic material seen on the G protein skimmer has been completely abandoned with this new cone skimmer. Pricing and availability are a complete mystery at this point, but the skimmer did appear to be production ready, so we are assuming it will be released fairly soon.

More pictures after the break.

Pump for ASM Cone Skimmer

ASM Cone Skimmer Rubber Feet

New ASM Cone Skimmer

ASM Cone Skimmer


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