Cheapest Price on MACNA 2012 Tickest Ends Very Soon


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Even though MACNA 2011 just ended a handful of days ago, the 2012 conference scheduled for September 28th in Dallas, Texas is already on the minds of many people, especially vendors, potential guest speakers, and all of the hardcore aquarium hobbyists who live for these sorts of events. But that doesn’t mean casual hobbyists shouldn’t be thinking about MACNA 2012, as now is the best time to purchase tickets to the show. As of right now, the full-conference ticket prices are set at $85 per head. However, this price will increase very soon, as in September 18th. So, if you want to make the trip as affordable as possible, get your tickets now! We’ve already bought our tickets and we’re excited that the event is basically in our back yard.

To get your ticket, please visit DFWMACNA to plan your trip and get more information.


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