Dimmable Lights from Evolution LED Seen on Video


Just a few days ago we were showing off some product details from the new dimmable LED fixtures from Evolution LED that we saw at MACNA a few weeks ago. Well, a day after that article went live, ReefKoi posted a video demonstrating the LED fixtures in action over their huge coral holding tanks in their workshop. In the clip, we get to see several of the Evo200 LED fixtures lighting up the coral growout tanks, along with a brief walkthrough on how the lights function. As the video demonstrates, the lights can be easily adjusted with the turn of a knob. There’s now confusing controller, not a thousand different configurations…just easy to use dials. The blue lights can be adjusted independently of the whites, and each color is on their own power cord and switch. This separation of the colors is obviously crucial to creating a dawn-to-dusk type light cycle.

We’ve included some product specifications from the distributor below.

Evo200 Dimmable LED Fixture


All New Dimmable LED’s from Evolution LED Lights.

Completely re-designed LED fixtures featuring the latest in high intensity 2 watt LED technology.

All 4 models have built in dimmer controls (manually tuned knobs only, no external controller or programming capability)


  • 8″ wide 24″ long 3.25″ from light face to top of dimmer knobs.
  • 2 watt Bridgelux LED’s
  • 8′ Dual Power Cords, 1 for White, 1 for Blue
  • On/off Switches to turn on/off Blue/White Separately
  • Gloss Black Powder coated Housing.
  • 4 Ultra Quiet Cooling Fans.
  • 4- 12″ Stainless Steel hanging Cables.
  • 30-460nm blue 20-450nm blue, 50-14000K White.

1 unit covers a tank up to 48″x24″x32″ tall

We are receiving shipments of these weekly and will fill orders on a first order first filled basis, email for current stock level sales@reefkoi.com


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