Ecoxotic RGB Panorama Seen at MACNA


Ecoxotic RGB Panorama Remote
While at MACNA, we couldn’t help but spend a great deal of time at the Ecoxotic booth drooling all over their LED products. Between the all new Panorama fixture, the crazy bright Photon Cannons, and the fully adjustable RGB Panorama Modules, we really didn’t know where to start. So, we just started snapping away with the camera and here’s what we came up with. The new RGB Panorama Module is essentially a standard module that offers a much wider spectrum and customized light output through the help of RGB emitters. With the red, green, and blue LEDs, the module can dial into to any of 16 different color choices you want your aquarium to have, as well as adjust the intensity. The entire system is controlled via remote control and multiple units can be linked together. Each module consumes approximately 19watts on full power and a reflector (sold separately) nearly doubles the output according to the guys at Ecoxotic. Each module retails for approximately $90 with the controller being sold separately for an additional $50.

Plenty more photos can be seen after the page break, and we’re working on a new video of the RGB Module in action, so stay tuned for that as well.

The biggest thing about RGB technology is dialing in the spectrum you want. A light emitting only green or red essentially does nothing for the aquarium. Sure, those options are there, but who wants a bright red reef aquarium? The focus instead is using red, green and blue LEDs to emit a trichromatic white, or adding different colors to the white spectrum to give your tank a different overall look while still providing core elements of the spectrum needed to grow corals and make them look good.

Ecoxotic RGB Panorama Module

Ecoxotic RGB Panorama Red

Ecoxotic RGB Panorama Green

Ecoxotic RGB Panorama Blue

Ecoxotic RGB Panorama Fixture


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