Ecoxotic RGB LEDs Steal the Show at MACNA


At MACNA a couple of months ago, we spent a good deal of time at the Exocotic booth drooling all over their latest LED products. After cleaning up that mess, the crew showed us around all of their lights and demoed each of them for us. At the center of most of these products was the wildly popular RGB LED technology, which comes as an option in the recently updated Ecoxotic Panorama Pro Modules and can be seen in the video above. This technology opens up a world of opportunities for aquarium keepers, as a single LED module can offer up to 16 different color options and can include visual effects such as simulated cloud cover and lightning storms. And if those features aren’t enough to pique your interest in LED technology, the extremely minimal energy consumption should. At only 19 watts per module, a single module can very efficiently illuminate a small tank with no problems. Multiple units will be needed on larger aquariums obviously, but because they sip energy and provide many features that other technologies can’t, they are usually a better choice.


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