House of Fins Celebrates 54th Anniversary Splash Event

House of Fins 53rd Splash Event

Photo by Jessy Timko

The famous House of Fins aquarium store, which is known for their rare and beautiful livestock, is set to celebrate its 54th Anniversary Splash event. The two day event takes place on October 1st and 2nd, and will be full of insane specials, including 30% off all livestock for starters. To make Splash that much more enjoyable, there will be a robust lineup of guest speakers that includes Jake Adams, Adam Blundell, Ret Talbot, and Tony Vargas. As far as rare livestock expected to be at the fish store, House of Fins has brought in “Gem Tangs, rare Centropyge angelfish, a one-of-a-kind Triggerfish, and the tiniest Lionfish you’ve ever seen”, all of which are sure to draw the attention of everyone walking through the door. To round out the show, several vendors will be on hand to show off their products and interact with curious aquarium folk.

Seeing the success of House of Fins and the Splash event, we wish more fish stores would get in on these sorts of social gatherings (especially the local stores!), as they are great ways to educate the community with the help of people who know about aquariums inside and out.

Photo above is courtesy of Jessy Timko and was taken at last year’s Splash.


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