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Animal Planet Tanked TV Show

We have been fairly critical about the aquarium-based television show “Tanked” that gets plenty of air time on Animal Planet. Although it’s only in its first season, many of the episodes have shown various moments that really make many of us aquarium hobbyists cringe. From filling an aquarium with warm tap water and chilling it with ice, to creating a tank that also doubled as a skate board ramp, hobbyists have been witness to many things that would go against the common better judgement any aquarium keeper should have. Brett Raymer from Acrylic Tank Manufacturing addressed a lot of these issues at MACNA a couple of weeks ago, indicating that the Animal Planet producers get to make all of the decisions and that all of the proper husbandry techniques get edited out of the show. We get that “Tanked” is a reality tv show and that only the most controversial stuff makes the cut, but the crew of ATM can’t stand behind the “we don’t have creative control” excuse and continue to be viewed as innocent participants of the show.

Find out how you can make your opinion of the tv show to the decision makers at Animal Planet below.

Fortunately, aquarium hobbyists have a way to sound off to Animal Planet regarding this show, hopefully changing the way things will be done for season two, which is already in the planning stages apparently. To express your opinion, send an email to Comments@AnimalPlanet.

We also wanted to take the time to thank Richard Ross for bringing the email address to our attention on Facebook. Rich has a great email posted on FB if you would like to mimic it, or feel free to express your concerns in a completely different way. Either way, we need to get our opinions heard.


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