AquaticLife Introduces New LED Fixture


AquaticLife LED Light Fixture

AquaticLife is quickly becoming a bigger name in the aquarium equipment industry, offering up a broad spectrum of equipment that will now include LED lighting. Called the LED 0.5W, the fixtures are offered in a variety of lengths with a differing number of 0.5watt emitters. The fixtures are offered in 24″, 36″, and 48″ lengths and come in either a 50/50 combination of 10K/460nm or in all 460nm actinic. Directing the light into the aquarium is a “broadcast reflector”, which has a dimpled design to help diffuse the light into the aquarium more evenly. The fixtures are expandable, with up to four being linked together with the provided hardware. And when the fixtures are combined, the power cords are concealed by special covers to keep the clutter from ruining the view. As far as mounting options go, the fixtures come with adjustable legs or optional hanging hardware to suspend the lights over the aquarium. Pricing for the modules starts at $80 for teh 24″ model, with the 36″ coming in at $100 and the 48″ at $120.

More images can be seen below.

LED Fixture from AquaticLife

AquaticLife LED Fixture Adjustable Mounting Legs


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