AquaticLife’s New LED 1.0W Expandable Fixtures


AquaticLife 1W LED Fixtures

At MCANA last year, AquaticLife took a head first plunge into the LED game with the introduction of their first modular fixture, the LED 0.5W. It only made sense that LEDs showed up in their repertoire at some point, as they had already been making T5 and metal halide fixtures for a couple of years. Fortunately for us it was sooner rather than later. Fast forward from MACNA to the present, and it would appear that they have beefed up their lineup to include even more powerful and versatile LED products. Their new lineup, dubbed the LED 1.0W Expandable Fixtures, includes 90 degree optics sitting on 1watt diodes, which is a big step up from the half watters showcased in the first fixtures. Also included in the newest expandable fixtures is the ability to link two fixtures together, adjustable frame mounts, and even a glowing blue accent panel to give the fixture a little more visual appeal. Of course, these are all just extra toppings on an already well-built light that sports three different LED color choices in  blue, white, and light purple (almost pink). And it should come at no surprise that these expandable fixtures will be available in  24 inch, 36 inch, and 48 inch lengths…and if those aren’t long enough for your setup, they can be linked together for more coverage.


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