Beautiful Up Close Videos from Hotel Estheréa Reef Tank


We found some amazing closeup footage of a positively jaw-dropping reef aquarium from the world famous Hotel Estheréa in Amsterdam. This amazing masterpiece of an aquarium is viewable from two sides and serves as a room divider, standing between the front desk reception area and an elegantly decorated lounge area. Details about this tank are fairly hard to come by, but we have read that it has a volume of roughly 2000L (526-gallons), and we can obviously see all of the amazing livestock that hotel guests are treated to. We also know that this tank alone would keep us down in the lobby rather than traipsing around the Netherlands soaking up the culture.

It also turns out that our friends at Advanced Aquarist recently blogged about this tank, a fact we didn’t find out until after we uncovered this gorgeous tank on YouTube and began to research its details. Another video can be seen after the page break.


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