Giants Invading Florida Waters


Giant Tiger Prawn
A giant and tasty invader has begun its conquest over the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has issued a statement to encourage the reporting of sightings of the Giant Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus monodon), a relatively new species to the waters surrounding Florida, though not a newcomer to the American waters. This massive shrimp, which can grow to over a foot long, is a non-native species that was accidentally introduced in the late 1980’s when a shrimp farm accidentally released over 2000 shrimp. Despite attempts to catch the released shrimp, they are now feared to inhabit several areas of the Gulf of Mexico. If the lionfish invasion has taught Florida wildlife regulators anything, it’s that they need to try to get a handle on these things before they get out of control.

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  • Raul Arellano


  • i live in st pete florida and i caught one of these and put it in my tank. its actually a very interesting creature and is very entertaining to watch. it will completely bury itself in the sand and all you can see is the large eyes sticking out of the sand.