Space Saving Biopellet Reactor Coming from Reef Octopus?


This video is just about as obscure as one could get when showing off a new piece of aquarium equipment. There’s no description, no narration, just a simple biopellet reactor being fine tuned by disembodied hands. But there are a few things we can deduce from the video that wash away some of that obscurity. For starters, the reactor is obviously tumbling biopellets and has the pump located below the body instead of relying on a feed pump. Putting the pump underneath the reactor saves on some space, making it very appealing to those with very little real estate under their aquariums. Additionally, we can see that the pump is adjustable, as the demonstration shows the pellets tumbling wildly and slowly and everywhere in between. The reactor itself is sporting the typical Reef Octopus red base, but we didn’t notice any tubing coming from the top. Is this reactor just overflowing back into the sump?  It wouldn’t be the first biopellet reactor to do this, so we are assuming yes at this point.


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