Reef Ocotpus Unveils Space Saving Bio-Pellet Reactors


Reef Octopus Space Saving Biopellet Reactor

In mid-October, we stumbled across a short and very obscure video of a Reef Octopus in sump space saving bio-pellet reactor. The video quickly went from public to private after our posting, preventing us from further viewing it, but that’s now been made irrelevant with CoralVue unveiling of a finished version of that reactor. Available in three models, the all-in-one space saving bio-pellet reactors will feature water blaster pumps that are specifically matched to the respective reactors in order to provide the right amount of water flow to tumble the media. A specially designed inverted cone structure is located at the base of the reactor, which prevents media from falling into the water pump when it is turned off and effectively distributes water flow through the media. Toward the top of the reactor, a rigid sieve plate prevents stray media from getting into the aquarium.

Individual model details can be read below.

Reef Octopus Biopellet Reactor Base
As we mentioned earlier in the article, three models will be available. Pricing and availability aren’t revealed to the general aquarium consumer at this point, but we do have some details about the dimensions and tank ratings of each model.

Model: BR-1000ss
Diameter: 120mm/4.7”
Height: 500mm/20”
Volume: 1500ml pellets
Water Pump: HY-1000w
Tank Rating: 640-940L (170-250Gallon)

Model: BR-2000ss
Diameter: 150mm/6”
Height: 500mm/20”
Volume: 2000ml pellets
Water Pump: HY-2000w
Tank Rating: 1300-1800L (350-500Gallon)

Model: BR-3000ss
Diameter: 200mm/7.9”
Height: 520mm/21”
Volume: 2500ml pellets
Water Pump: HY-3000w
Tank Rating: 1500-2200L (400-600Gallon)

Reef Octopus Biopellet Reactor Top Screen

With all of the space saving nano focused bio-pellet reactors from other brands such as CPR Aquatic and DrTim’s Aquatics, we’re quite surprised not to see a nano reactor from Reef Octopus. Most large aquarium setups have plenty of room for a media reactor, but it’s the small tanks that really need some space saving love. Perhaps a smaller version will be released in the future, but until we get confirmation, we’ll assume it’s not in the works at this point.


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