Another White Zebrasoma flavescens Seen in the Hobby


Aberrant While Zebrasoma flavescens
The aberrant yellow tangs (Zebrasoma flavescens) seem to be popping up more and more lately, with the latest appearance being made at Sea Dwelling Creatures, an aquatics wholesaler located in California. While most of these oddly colored tangs have patches of white, faded yellow, and even a few naturally colored yellow splotches, this tang is almost entirely white. It does sport a few dark yellow spots on the fins, at least on the side that is shown in the photograph above, but it has far more white than the other aberrant tangs we’ve seen lately. Of course, it’s not as ghostly white as Casper, the famous white tang at World Wide Corals, but it’s a cool and odd looking fish nonetheless.

We were told a price on this unusual fish, but since it’s most likely a wholesale price, we’re not going to be spilling any beans. What we can tell you though is that it is priced to move, and of course only one white tang is available so it’s bound to go quickly.


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