Ecoxotic Donates Aquariums and Equpiment to High School


Ecoxotic EcoPico Aquarium Setup

Despite their enthusiasm and seemingly unlimited supply of energy, getting kids involved in the aquarium hobby isn’t always the easiest thing to do. With no money, loads of homework, and time consuming family obligations, most kids don’t stand a chance when it comes to aquarium keeping. Fortunately, our friends at Ecoxotic are lending a very big hand to a group of high school students in Ohio. Aquarium Adventure, an aquarium store and dealer of Ecoxotic products, has been partnering with Metro High School for the past couple of years to help deliver an innovative hands-on science program to the students. They’ve provided various aquarium equipment to the school, but the quickly growing program has grown far too large (involving at least 160 students) for them to make a significant impact with their already generous donations. To help keep the program kicking, the store owners reached out to Ecoxotic, who have donated a whopping 40 EcoPico aquariums! The overall goal for these aquariums is to have students break off into teams of four and create a sustainable aquatic environment based on different environments. These include but are in no way restricted to a reef habitat, East African rocky lake, South American backwater pool, or a Southeast Asia stream. To help the students along with their project, each student will get a $25 gift card to Aquarium Adventure, where they can purchase all of the livestock and additional equipment they may need.

We absolutely applaud efforts like these to get kids involved in aquarium keeping and becoming a little more conscious of the environment. For more information on this story, please visit: Ecoxotic Donates EcoPicos to Innovative High School Science Program.

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